Waziup sensor system deployed in Tunisia
December 17, 2022

Installation of Waziup e.V.’s sensor system on Farms in Tunisia

As part of the Osirris project, Dr. -Ing. Abdur Rahim, Felix Markwordt and Dr. -Ing. Corentin Dupont visited Tunisia in December 2022 to install Waziup e.V. ’s sensor system on two farms. Each farm received one WaziGate and four microcontrollers equipped with sensors to collect and temporarily store data, which was later sent to WaziCloud for further analysis. These data were essential to train regression models.

The first installation took place in Sidi Thabet, where durum wheat was grown, followed by the Agricultural Training center of Sbeitla CFPA, where several apple varieties were cultivated. However, the sensor readings could not be used until the beginning of February due to power outages and other issues. Additionally, the lack of Wi-Fi at the Cherfech farm made it challenging to synchronize with waziCloud.

Although the installation of WaziGate was a great success, the team has decided to establish a GSM connection in future deployment to enhance internet connectivity and achieve better results and readings.

Adding a GSM connection to WaziGate can help to improve connectivity, increase data throughput and expand the reach of IoT solutions. With the right setup and configuration one can ensure that WaziGate is always connected and ready for insights and data you need to drive your project/business forward.

During the first visit to Tunisia, in December 2022,Dr.-Ing Abdur Rahim, Felix Markwordt, and Dr. Ing Corentin Dupont installed the system on two different farms. For this purpose, one WaziGate and four microcontrollers with the corresponding sensors developed by Waziup e.V. were installed on each farm. In this way, the values can be temporarily stored on the WaziGate and sent to WaziCloud. This data must be collected in order to train regression models. The deployments took place firstly in Sidi Thabet in Cherfech, where durum wheat is grown. Secondly, in the “Agricultural Training Center of Sbeïtla CFPA”, where different apple varieties are cultivated for the most part.

As previously mentioned, the two systems were installed on the farms to collect sensor readings. These data are part of the training data to build regression models. Since some problems, for example power outages, occurred, the data can only be used from the beginning of February.

Unfortunately, there was no wifi available at the farm in Cherfech, making it difficult to synchronize with WaziCloud. In future deployments we want to improve this by connecting to the internet via a GSM connection.