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April 19, 2023

New INTEL-IRRIS SD CARD Image Released with Enhanced features on WaziGate framework

We are excited to announce the release of the new Intel - IrriS SD card image for the INTEL - IRRIS gateway, which is now built on the latest WaziGate framework. This update brings several new features that will enhance the efficiency and user - friendliness of the gateway.

One of the most useful new features is improved time management for edge computing mode, even without internet access. This will be particularly helpful for users who rely on the gateway for real - time data processing. The WaziGate web interface also now includes an embedded SSH terminal, which makes it easy to troubleshoot and manage the gateway remotely.

Another valuable addition is the convenient export function that enables users to download all sensor data for advanced data processing and analysis. This feature will provide users with more insights and better decision - making capabilities. The new user interface of the IIWA application has also been updated to enhance the overall user experience.

Finally, we have integrated Home Assistant into the gateway, giving users access to a wider range of device sensors. This will further expand the capabilities of the gateway, allowing users to work with even more data. We want to congratulate the Waziup team for their hard work in developing these new features. We are sure that the INTEL - IRRIS SD card image will be a valuable asset for many users.