Digitalization Advancing through Collaboration - Waziup e.V. Represents HUBiquitous at the DIGILOGIC Event
September 20, 2022

Collaboration between Europe and Africa is driving forward the agenda of digitalization through the DIGILOGIC project. Digital innovation hubs from both continents have united their efforts under the leadership of the Digital Hub Logistics in Dortmund, Germany, to facilitate the exchange of best practices and foster mutual learning. In a two-day event dedicated to this cause, participants had the opportunity to share knowledge and insights, paving the way for transformative advancements.

During this event, Waziup e.V. seized the stage on behalf of HUBiquitous. The presentation, titled ‘Paving the Foundation for Disruptive Technologies in Tomorrow’s Digital Innovation Hubs,’ emphasized the pivotal role played by HUBiquitous in establishing the groundwork for innovative and transformative technologies that will shape the future of digital innovation hubs.

The significance of this collaboration lies in the collective efforts of digital innovation hubs across Europe and Africa, coming together to pool their expertise and experiences. By sharing best practices, these hubs aim to create a fertile ground for the development and implementation of disruptive technologies that can drive digitalization and bring about significant societal and economic changes.

Through the DIGILOGIC project, the participating hubs are not only exchanging knowledge but also forging strong partnerships that will enable them to address shared challenges and leverage each other’s strengths. This collaborative approach ensures that the benefits of digitalization are maximized, and the potential for innovation is fully realized.

Waziup e.V.’s involvement and their presentation at this event for HUBiquitous as a catalyst for transformative technologies. By laying the foundation for disruptive solutions, HUBiquitous is instrumental in driving the evolution of digital innovation hubs and creating an ecosystem that nurtures and supports innovation and entrepreneurship.

The joint efforts of Europe and Africa in the DIGILOGIC project signify a commitment to harnessing the power of digitalization and creating a future where technological advancements lead to sustainable development and economic growth. The knowledge-sharing and collaborative spirit demonstrated during this event set the stage for continued cooperation and progress in the realm of digital innovation hubs.