Our solutions

WAZIUP is an IoT Cloud platform that allows you to create and deploy your IoT applications both in the Cloud and on the IoT gateway. WAZIUP offers “out-of-box” complete solutions from sensors nodes to applicatons. WAZIUP is particularly adapted to tough conditions, for example for low power and long distance applications.

  • Simply and easy to deploy the applications (create, push and run)
  • Offer Do-it-Yourself sensors nodes and Gateway solutions (few hours to setup the WAZIUP lORA network)
  • Long Range and low power IoT communication
  • The platform can handle unreliable and intermitten internet connection
  • WAZIUP offers very low cost hardware as well as application developmet solutions
  • Multiple fall-back communicaton options (3G, Wifi, BL)
  • User centric interface design (SME, voice call, mobile app and web app)


WAZIUP developed complete end-to-end, modular and Open IoT technology ecosystem. WAZIUP core module solution are:

  • WAZIDev: IoT LoRa development board based on open source hardware Arduino. WAZIDev is used for rapid prototyping the sensor node
  • WAZIGATE: IoT LoRa Gateway and edge platform based on Raspberry-pi and which includes the software framework for local processing as well as local application deployment
  • WAZICloud: IoT Cloud Platform with open dashboard and Open API for IoT application development
  • WAZIFARM: Farming application platform for advanced farming data analytic and visualization platform

The sensor node measures the sensing environment → send this data to WAZIUP Gateway using LoRa channel (up to 10kms) → the Gateway processes the data before sending it to WAZIUP Cloud platform via 3G or Ethernet connection →the data can also be accessed by users from Gateway using standard WAZIUP API →the Cloud platform analyzes the data for user’s decision using the farm management applications→ the farmer get information via SMS or Mobile App.


WAZIUP IoT Cloud platform offers cutting-edge IoT features and capabilities for your IoT products

  • Device Management: Manage million of IoT devices

  • Edge computing: Light-weight IoT PaaS at gateway for computing and application

  • IoT PaaS: Offer git-push application development

  • Visualization: Real-time and advanced historic analytic and visualization of information

  • Big data analytic: Real-time big data processing and analytic

  • Users management: Manage various user’s authentication and roles

  • Privacy and security: Offer policy based data access control

  • Container framework: Developed fully based on container framework

  • Users interface: Offer various users interface like SMS, voice call, mobile app, web app

Use cases

WAZIUP cutting-edge IoT PaaS platform and software framework support to develop 1000 of IoT applications, out of the box. Any IoT application that you can imagine. Due to the PaaS nature WAZIUP IoT PaaS platform enable you to easy and rapid IoT application development.

Agriculture: The smart farming applications may include monitoring of soil moisture, water storage tanks and field conditions. It can also track agro-management decisions such as date of sowing, irrigation, fertilizing, tilling. For example, farmers will be able to monitor the temperature of grain bins (storage areas) and receive an alert if the temperature rises outside of an acceptable range.

Fish farming: WAZIUP enables you to connect a network of sensors to monitor the fish ponds in real time, measuring water temperature, quality, oxygen levels and other parameters. This will improve the current farm management process by giving farmers the ability to monitor their ponds remotely and in near real-time.

Water: WAZIUP enables you to monitor water quantity, supply, treatment, transportation and storage. Also flood prevention and monitoring is possible. A water management system based on IoT for rural areas and developing countries can help the community representative monitor and manage water use more efficiently.

Smart City: WAZIUP supports various smart city applications like urban waste management, public transportation, street-light monitoring, traffic monitoring, smart parking, waste water management, urban air pollution, tourism, etc.

Cattle management: Cattle rustling is one of the main problem in developing countries. WAZIUP platform can offer farmer to monitor real-time the cattle situation in order to have viable solution to prevent a theft. The Farmer will receive alert for any critical condition especially the theft.

Healthcare: WAZIUP allows remote monitoring of patients, such as pregnant woman, patient with diabetics and high-blood pressure, ambient assisted living for the elderly people, and finally child nutrition.

Logistic: WAZIUP Logistic use case may connect “rural” areas (the goods) with the urban areas (the deliveries). The supply chain ensure that goods (vegetables, fishes) are delivered in an efficient, safe and timely manner to address food safety. The potential case study are tracking the fleet, check the integrity, identification and authentication and traceability of the goods, monitoring the temperature and cooling condition of the goods.